Bill Mulder
Graphic Design
My goal is to tailor my designs to your need. I want to reflect an honest brand perception. That means; a clean, simple design or illustration, a branded promotion campaign, a website with useful information, a logo that works in all mediums and a brand reflection without the flashy fa├žade.

Website Design

Tres Gatos CD

CD Artwork

Personal graphics that reflect the concept and accuracy of your packaging.

Bikram Yoga SLO

Website Design
Dynamic, simple or in-depth, a web presence is key to contemporary brand marketing.

Micro Tester Handout


In-House Newsletter Design that gets the message out. Product or Service Brochures that say it "in a nutshell".

GEObispo logo


I create brandmarks that reflect the character of the person, company, industry, or service.

Kraken on Board


This is my Visual Yoga; a connection and expression beyond what words can say.