Bill Mulder
Graphic Design
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Bill Mulder

I enjoy a challenge and develop fresh, creative solutions to all projects. I establish solid connections with clients and vendors, engage stakeholders, employ outreach programs and raise brand awareness to all campaigns. Trained in Graphic Communications, and previously employed as a Corporate Brand Specialist, I understand how to:

  • Engage diverse groups of people and find great solutions by listening for the common thread, presenting my understanding, then creating action items.
  • Visualize the concept and keep the team motivated and on track.
  • Interweave the message and brand recognition throughout the whole program.
  • Track and interpret program effectiveness with informal observations, feedback and reliable data.

I have a passion to see success from the skill set that I bring. By managing projects in a cooperative manner among sometimes diverse stakeholders, I believe a creative solution can be greater than the sum of all its parts. My experience, genuine enthusiasm optimistic and outgoing attitude will bring added value to your marketing campaign.

My rates are competitive, the result is quality from a seasoned professional. Contact me with any questions or a free quote.


Bill Mulder Graphic Design

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